An extension in Microsoft Excel to compute and revoke algorithms, analysis data and use machine learning platforms. Just like SUM() function, you could select a cell or a range, type a new function to call a cloud service to obtain excellent result without coding or implementing anything.

User guide

  • All new functions needs the LAB. prefix. For example:

Click here to see the function guideline

  • With Some facilities which are not funtions display on the add-in taskpane. Click MycelLAB on the Ribbon bar / in the Insert / &MycelLLAB group. The taskPane shows on the right side. You could see new features and click buttons there.


  1. Open Excel. Both Excel for Desktop and Excel for Web are supported.
  2. From Ribbon bar, in the Insert tab, in the Add-ins group , click Get Add-ins. Office Add-ins dialog shows.
  3. Click STORE item, behind the dialog's title. STORE
  4. At the Search box, type Add-in's name MycelLAB
  5. Lookup and click to MycelLAB at the result area to open the add-in page.
  6. Click Add
  7. The One moment... dialog confirms to install this add-in, click Continue.

Please wait in a few seconds, you could see MycelLAB symbol at the Ribbon bar / Home tab / MycelLAB group.

The installation is accompleted successfully.


  1. Open Excel.
  2. From Ribbon bar, in the Home tab, in the MycelLAB group, right-click to the MycelLAB symbol.
  3. Click Remove Add-in.
  4. The Remove Add-ins dialog confirms to uninstall this add-in, click Yes.

The uninstallation is finished successfully.

Frequency questions and answers

Don't hesitate to ask questions or offer we do useful functions for you. Just describe what you want. We are glad to support you. Click here to make a question

Special thanks to

Professors, colleagues and students allows us connect the add-in to their platforms and redistribute their researches, and also program MycelLAB