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Terms of Service refer to the use of TECHLINK's products including services, websites, and software applications. By creating a TECHLINK account through your use of the Service or by continuing to use the Service after being notified of a change to these Terms, you agree to these Terms.

Article 1: Principles of Techlink account registration
The Mycel add-in does not require the use of an account. This is subject to change in the future.

Article 2: Right to use software
1. Users are granted the right to use software services and websites that they have purchased or provided by TECCHLINK for free. Users must strictly follow the instructions and usage recommendations of TECHLINK published in the software and website during use.
2. Users are not allowed to use software services to update data, send emails, write articles, transfer data and other acts for the following purposes:
* Pestering other people or causing damage to people and property.
* Publishing information or material that is deceptive, disparaging, harassing or obscene.
* Invading privacy or discriminating based on race, religion, gender and disability.
* Infringing intellectual property or other property rights.
* Interfering with or damaging the Service (including but not limited to accessing the Service through any mechanical means, software).
* Breaking the law.
3. TECHLINK will notify users via email when suspending use of service or terminating user account in case:
* Users request to suspend the account using the software and services.
* Users violate the purpose of using the software stated in this agreement.
* Users violate the law and the competent authority requests TECHLINK to stop providing services to users.

Article 3:
In case of force majeure, the two parties are not obliged to perform their responsibilities in this agreement. The two sides agree to consider the following cases as force majeure:
* Natural disasters or enemy sabotage obstructing, destroying, blocking or stopping the connection to TECHLINK’s data center.
* Widespread power failure, breakdown of telecommunications or Internet cable causing congestion or disconnection to TECHLINK’s data center.
* Hackers, computer viruses attacking TECHLINK’s data centers, disrupting, clogging or destroying software and data.
* Other force majeure events as described by law.

Article 4:
TECHLINK reserves the right to suspend a user’s use of service in the following cases:
* When TECHLINK believes that the service is being used to engage in refusing service offers, spamming, illegal activities or causing harm to TECHLINK and other people.

Article 5: Phạm vi giới hạn trách nhiêm của TECHLINK trong sử dụng phần mềm
TECHLINK has the right but bears no obligation to take remedial action if users violate any term listed in this agreement. TECHLINK bears no liability in cases where MISA takes corrective action. Users are solely responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, legality, reliability, and appropriativeness of all of their data.
TECHLINK may offer and customers can choose to agree or refuse to use features that have not been released to the public and have not been fully censored for quality in accordance with TECHLINK’s procedure (Beta version). This is for users to experience and provide feedback to TECHLINK. Users are soly responsible for the risks of using these functions. TECHLINK does not guarantee the correctness, completeness of the functions of the Beta version and is not responsible for errors or damage caused by the use of the Beta version’s functions.

Article 6: Điều khoản sửa đổi và bổ sung thỏa thuận
At any time, TECHLINK reserves the right to modify or update the Terms of Service without prior notice. All changes shall take effect immediately upon posting on this website.
Users’ continued use of service after the modification is interpreted as acceptance of the Terms of Service and its amendments.

Article 7: Thông tin thông báo
During use, users agree to receive information/notifications sent by TECHLINK with the following content and methods:
* Contents of notices include and are not limited to the following types of information:
1. New product features.
2. New versions of the product.
3. Related products.
4. Articles or newsletters that TECHLINK deems useful to users.

Methods of sending notices include and are not limited to the following forms:
1. Direct notifications on the product screen.
2. Email notification.
3. Notification via text message on mobile phone.
4. Notification via documents.
5. Notify by meeting face-to-face.
6. Other forms of notification. 


Protecting user privacy is a basic legal right that TECHLINK is constantly improving to better serve its users. We understand that the functionality of the program belongs to us, but the data and all content belongs to the user.

Microsoft Office is an office toolkit containing the most essential data of any organization or business. Therefore, Mycel is an extension in Excel to enhance business data processing that will always commit and ensure that the rights of all users are guaranteed. 

Privacy Policy

We want to confirm the privacy policy and terms of use with users. Therefore, when starting to use Mycel, users should carefully read our terms of use.
Accordingly, Mycel will process user data as follows:
* Not storing any statistical data that users put into Mycel features,
* Not storing any user’s statistical data in Microsoft Office tools that are not related to Mycel features
* Not collecting user's location information. 



We protect you online with industry-leading security.

- SSL-secured data transmission protocols and digital certificates
- Extensive functions will process data on the user's computer, minimizing the likelihood of transmission to the server.


We have established privacy principles that are appropriate for everyone.

- Not selling personal information to anyone
- No ads during use.
- Clearly informing the data that needs to be processed outside of your computer.

Secure Policy

This Privacy Policy may be regularly updated by TECHLINK. The updated version will replace the policies in the original agreement.

Date of application: This privacy policy is effective immediately upon being published or updated

This Privacy Policy applies to all services provided by TECHLINK. This Privacy Policy does not apply to services that have separate privacy policies that are not included in this Privacy Policy. 

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