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Identifying RNA Pseudouridine sites using Random Forest and NCP-encoded features


Generate 2D images of molecules based on SMILES

  • Parameter 
    LAB.SMILES2IMAGE(SMILES, [ShapeName], [ResultText], [Offset] )
    1. SMILES:  Simplified Molecular-Input Line-Entry System to render image. E.g: "COc(c1)cccc1C#N"
    2. ShapeName: Unique name of the shape shows image. If the name existed, that shape will be reused and replace by the new image. In case you skip this parameter, ShapeName is named the cell's address, such as Sheet1!A3.
    3. ResultText: Text to show as a result in the formula cell. Default is the SMILES.
    4. Offset: Move the image to the next cell on the right to prevent dulicating shape when copying the current cell. Default = 1. 
  • Returns
          2D molecules image
  • Examples
       = LAB.SMILES2Image("COc(c1)cccc1C#N")
    Demo video:
    Demo Excel file:
  • Using RDKit Library

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