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Installation for Excel on Desktop

Mycel has been approved and published on the Microsoft Office Store. From the desktop version of Excel, you can access the Office Store and install Mycel.

Your settings will be linked to your login account and will automatically appear on the web version of Excel on any computer. 

Installation for Excel on Web 

Mycel is integrated into Excel to be fully compatible with both the Web version and Desktop version, available in Microsoft Office Store. Hence, even if you install Mycel from the Web version, when you open Excel Desktop, you can still access Mycel and use all of its features.

Direct installation 

In case you cannot install Mycel from Microsoft Office Store due to administrator settings, or you want to try out new features, use the Web version of Excel to directly install Mycel.

This still ensures security and service quality.

Approve and Deploy in Admin Center

According to the policies of the organization, Mycel add-in should be approved to be visible and installed.

Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center allows admins to target deployment to specific users or groups to deploy the new add-in.
Exclusively for tenant's IT Managers.

Install Mycel add-in from Office Store in Excel

Simple, safe and fast

Applies to both Desktop and Web versions of Excel

  1. If you are using the Desktop version, click Start and run Microsoft Excel.
    In case you are using Excel for Web, open the URL

  2. Make sure that your accounts shown at the top right corner of the title bar to be allow installing extension add-in.
                    (Ok)    /    (Not Ok)
    Just in case you haven't got an account yet, please register a free account at the URL, e.g., and sign in to Excel.

  3. From Ribbon bar, in the Insert tab, in the Add-ins group , click Get Add-ins.

  4. Office Add-ins dialog shows.
    Click STORE item, behind the dialog's title
  5. At the Search box, type mycel. Press Enter or click.                                              
    Notice: if you see the message Office Store not available, it means that your account belongs to a organization and the administrator has disabled access to the Office Store. Please contact your administrator to request access. After that, you click ADMIN MANAGED tab and see this add-in there.       
  6.  Office Add-ins dialog shows detail information  about Mycel. Click Add.                                        
  7. Click Continue.

    Please wait in a few seconds, you could see Mycel symbol at the Ribbon bar / Home tab / Mycel group.
    The installation is completed successfully.

Direct installation

Applies to special version. No need for the organization/business administrator to license.

Applies to the Web version of Excel.

  1. On the browser, open Excel Web version, open Excel at the URL

  2. Check the upper right corner and make sure you have logged in. That way you can use full features of Microsoft Excel.
                                          (OK)    /    (Not OK)
    If you do not have an account, you can create a free account at then use this account to log in to Excel.
  3. On Ribbon, select the Insert tab. In the Add-ins group, click Get Add-ins.

  4. The Office Add-ins window and extensions pop up.
    Click MY ADD-INS, then click Upload My Add-in.

  5. Click here to download manifest.release.xml.

  6. In the Upload Add-in window, click Browse… and upload the above xml file.                                                          

    Installation complete. The Mycel add-in will appear on the Ribbon bar.

Uninstalling the add-in

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  1. If you are using Excel desktop version, click Start, and run Microsoft Excel.
    If you are using Excel web version, open the application at the URL
  2. Check the upper right corner to make sure you are logged into the account that you want to uninstall the utility.

  3. On Ribbon, select the Insert tab. In the Add-ins group, click Get Add-ins.

  4. The Office Add-ins window and extensions pop up. Click MY ADD-INS.
    Click MY ADD-INS

  5. Find the Mycel add-in, click *** on the upper right corner. Select Remove.

  6. In the Confirm dialog, click Remove.

    Quá trình gỡ bỏ đã xong.


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