Integrate the world into a single sheet

Integrate everything into a single sheet
Hundreds of calculation functions, finance functions, 1D/2D barcode functions, speech recognition and synthesis functions… to lighten and simplify your workload.
No coding, no implementation

How are the new functions?

Beyond math functions and beyond the limits of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Mycel provides functions that can collect data, format the cell color and font, as well as sound and data.

Available in Microsoft Office Store

You can install Mycel from Microsoft Office Store – Office 365
 in less than 30 seconds.

Powerful calculation functions and new utilities are compatible
with Office 365, supporting both online and desktop versions.

Products supported
Excel 2016 or later on Mac
Excel 2019 or later on Windows
Excel 2019 or later on Mac
Excel on Mac (Microsoft 365)
Excel on Windows (Microsoft 365)
Excel on the web


Write numbers in words
Get real-time exchange rate from banks, Tax function, etc.


Find the difference value
Text to speech
Analyze Vietnamese names, extract first name, last name, and middle name
QR code and barcode generator function 


Specialized processing appropriate for units
e.g. Hanoi University of Science and Technology, 

Beyond your imagination

Do you think Excel is a wonderful office tool?

We say that we have upgraded Excel into a design tool, a lab, and most of all, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool..

5 reasons to use Mycel

  1. CONVENIENT – With multiple new calculation functions that integrate recognition, artificial intelligence, online data collection… Mycel helps you to be proactive in your work, optimize performance and reduce errors.
  2. SECURITY – Macros like VBA macros help create new functions but bring the risk of malicious code and are deemed as unsafe by Excel. Mycel is certified on Microsoft Office Store 365, and does not tamper with the original data at all.
  3. ANYWHERE – Mycel is connected to an Excel login account. Thus, by installing Mycel only once, you can use the new features on all devices without reinstalling.
  4. MULTI-PLATFORM – Where there’s Excel, there’s Mycel. Mycel can perform new functions on Excel Desktop, Excel Online, Excel mobile versions, Excel on Mac or Ubuntu.
  5. FREE – Mycel Community benefits the community, satisfying most of the needs of individuals as well as organizations and businesses.

Mycel vs Macro VBA

The Macro VBA will integrate programming codes into the Excel file. If you have 30 xls(x) files, that code will repeat 30 times, which makes it difficult to control and upgrade.

The Mycel add-in will integrate programming codes into Microsoft Excel software, not into the file. This means if you have 30 excel files, the files will only contain the final result, not any control code. Thus, when the functions are upgraded, all files can be updated instantly. 

A macro function get text parameters and return a text result. A Mycel function get text parameter and return a text result,  an image, or a formatted text.

Macro VBA can contain malicious code, so Microsoft Excel always considers macro excel files to be unsafe, displays warnings and requires file viewers to enable Macro. From Excel 2017 onwards, it is specified that xls(x) files containing macro must have the file extension xlsxm for easy identification by viewers.

Mycel does not embed the control code in the excel file. The file xls(x) contains only the function citation and the result of the function, so it is very safe. .

Mycel's calculation functions can connect to cloud services to present to you unprecedented data experiences.

Let’s imagine, you type a function expression into the cell like any other formula, then Enter. This enables dozens of service servers to perform searching, exploring, querying, and artificial intelligence algorithms. After a few seconds, the results appear in that cell, simple and transparent, embracing the state-of-the-art technology. 

Mycel add-in can operate wherever Microsoft Office works. For example, Office on  mobile phones, on tablets, and Office Online on web browsers.

Macro VBA can only run on the Desktop version (offline). Macro VBA is not suitable for modern trends such as cloud computing and cross-platform integration. 

Mycel add-in is available on the Microsoft Store, tested and approved by Microsoft. You only need 30 seconds to install, and you can do that anywhere.

Mycel add-in comes with the Microsoft Office login account, not the computer. In other words, once you install Mycel on any computer, you will be able to use Mycel on all devices such as tablets, mobile phones and web browsers.

Macro VBA requires the editor to first open the macro editor, enter the code, and store the code inside an xls(x) file. To continue using the macro function in the new xls(x) file, the editor can repeat the above steps, or for convenience, usually copy an xls(x) file that already has the macro code and then update the data.
Users of macro VBA also usually store those codes in a separate text file, so that they could be copied to the xls(x) file when needed. 


Detailed guides on the use of calculation functions, parameters and illustrative examples.


Do you have an idea for a new feature or an improvement?
Do you found something strange and abnormal?
Thank for any feedback and recommendation. You make us better to support the community.

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